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What does that mean? What makes Die Hard, Die Hard?
Perhaps I'm just odd, but I rather enjoyed all of them.
what made the first die hard so special was the action was confined to nakatomi tower, bruce was an unwilling hero, he couldnt get out, he tried to summon the police but ultimatley it was left to him to overturn the bad guys..

as someone said, the 2nd was in an airport and surrounding area, i agree its expaneded somewhat but its still about the terrorists taking control of a building and a situation where the guys in power normally are now powerless.

i did enjoy the 3rd and it did feel like a die hard with the connections to the first one but it didnt have that fear that you got watching the first of hes not going to get out, or bad guys are going to get him, NYC is a big place so there is no element of confinement and claustraphobia if you know what i mean.

the 4th one bruce just looked way out of his depth with the technology angle, as the world has moved forward in the 20 years between the first and 4th one, it seemed Bruce seemed lost and add that to the fact it was a pg-13/ 12a/ 15 (harder cut) doesnt really mean anything, they made a kids action movie and it was an embarrassment to have yippee kai yay mother f*cker drowned out by the gun shot. Teens are prob happy with this movie but when you have grown up with franchises such as this and terminator in the 80s and 20 years later they are making them as PG or 12s is an insult.
Same with bloody robocop.

i will reserve judgement till i see the 5th one, but something tells me we wont ever see another film like the original die hard for a long time
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