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what makes me laugh is the fact that people seem to be shocked that Eastern European nations are rife with crime....

Eastern Europe had a communist government for decades, there are entire regions where people grew up in families not earning enough to live a nice life like we have here in the UK so it's effectively instilled in some people since birth to make money by any means necessary to avoid raising their family in the same conditions.... as a result, "petty" crime (by which I mean stealing of lead/metal to sell as scrap rather than murder/drugs etc) is just commonplace, because it was an easy few quid

after 20 years of living the same way, you have Romanians who are looking to come to the UK to live a better life, but yes they'll still steal stuff, because it's instilled in their nature to make a few quid

yes this is my opinion, but it's based on personal experience of how Romanians I have met act and behave - they don't view it as a real crime, to them it's victimless so it's acceptable, and that's what I don't agree with, crime is crime! and we shouldn't have to "accept" it, we should be able to prevent people coming into the UK if there's a chance they will break our laws in the same way they've broken the laws in Romania for 20+ years
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