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It's a status game based on the day and month you were born. There's a list of 12 countries and each one corresponds to a month. You pick the country that matches the month you were born in.

The statement you then post is something like 'I'm moving to [country] for [date of your birthday] months'.

The rather stupid idea is that women all playing this game suggests that they are standing together in the fight against breast cancer!
This is what i don't understand.

How can you raise awareness of something if you don't even mention what that thing is?

Also, I'm sick of facebook being used to "raise awareness" of things which are already out there in the open, things which every person knows full well about, such as breast cancer!

How much awareness needs to be raised exactly? It's not even like they are doing it to collect money, it's just posting silly comments and status updates to confuse people. It's not as if breast cancer is this new thing that no one had heard about until last week...
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