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Personally, I do not think it is correct for the judges to watch the rehearsals. They should see the routine the first time when it is on LIVE TV programme. Isn't it often said in the Skate Off that the judges have to judge the routine, not the previous performance? I do believe that everything the judges say to the constestants is scriped and approved by the producers of the programme. I think the "insulting" comments from Jason are used as a way of keeping the programme high profile as his comments are so often discussed in the media after the show. It is all showbiz people, nothing we see is real!! Same with X Factor, the producers have seen all the acts before the so-called judges watch the auditions and know beforehand who is coming on to perform. All the so-called amazement when a contestant can actually SING is acted!! Even the tears!!! I just hate it!!
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