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As I remarked earlier Android is an open development platform. The reference platform i.e. the Nexus line has been given away to developers at I/O. Do other platforms do this - well no they dont, but you dont go from nothing to being the number 1 platform without developer support.

The only distinction being made here is you dont know what a reference model is. Each Nexus line has been made available to the public, they may not have sold well but they were available.

You seem to be posing questions rather answering simple queries I have made. How do you test a quad core phone on a dual core chip - please dont go their with emulation?

Are you saying people werent able to buy a Nexus One etc

By end of argument I assume you are conceding the point
Reference models are NOT made available to the general public, what are you on about??? At CES this year Nvidia were showing off a tablet which was a reference model just for showing off some new tech. It's not in mass production and is not sold to the public.

It is you who does not know what a reference model is. The Nexus 4 is NOT a reference model. It IS a consumer phone available sim free and on contract from networks. Why is this such a difficult concept for you to grasp?
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