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And as for the 'only need one store' ... silly. maybe some people want choice. you dont ? fine.
Three quarters of a million is not choice ???

IMO multiple app stores just increases complexity for no real benefit of choice. As an example, I recently needed to install a CCTV app on a tablet that has a version of Android that doesn't support the Play Store, so as a relative newbie to Android I had to jump through all sorts of hoops to side load it (including finding a hidden file and emailing it to myself).
I currently have a number of projects on the go where it would be very nice from a cost point of view to replace iPads with Android tablets, however it is proving quite impractical. Either the apps I need only exist for IOS or when they do exist for Android they lack some of the features and/or are flakey. So much for choice. As a techie I like Android (in the same way I like the Terminal on MAC OS X, as I was brought up on Unix) but for getting the job done in the quickest most pain-free manner nothing beats IOS.
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