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Im now watching fridays show again. When lisa called kyle surely it would have come up as "lisa home" or something similar since lisa rang from a landline? So kyle would have known when she answered it that lisa wasnt in the hotel!
Thought BIB myself. Thought it was funny when Taylor stormed out and was then seen one side of locked gate and Paul on the other and they had quite a long conversation. Seems like the Maloof security were told to keep the gate locked so Taylor had to return to the fray.

On a different subject, Camille was on an episode of Frasier this am entitled Halloween filmed in 1997, she hasn't changed much facially but her nose looked slightly different. In comparison with her appearance in Frasier, Camille is very skinny in RHOC. No great acting required for her part but she was quite good with her facial expressions
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