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She has a good voice Granted but that album as a whole was poor and yes we're going on Vocals but i thought Florence and P!nk had far superior albums to her both vocally and musically and was a bit of a measly win just opinion of course.
I don't agree that it was poor. I'm not fan of Florence and The Machine so can't say I'm fussed that she didn't win.
It's all down to opinion whether you think an album is poor or not and I'm with Shelley on this one. I really liked the album and it was one of my faves from 2011 & Kelly as whole. I am a fan of Florence but I think Kelly deserved it more. Florence should have been in Alternative and won over Gotye.

Florence didn't deserve it because in my eyes, she isn't Pop. The grammys are weird in how they place artists in genres. Florence belongs in the Alternative genre where she would get a better chance.
THIS! Been thinking this myself.
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