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Maybe the town needs to drum up business and, if Mr Andre is featuring the place in his new show (new show?? has there been another one??! have so cut down on my trash telly these days) then maybe it's quids in all round for the little town.

Sounds like the town residents are being a bit snobbish because of who he is. Thing is, if the town needs tourists to survive and they aren't getting the numbers there atm then maybe this is the way to do it.

There's one thing being snobbish and being able to afford being a snob, different if they are being snobbish but can't afford NOT to get free publicity from someone on the telly, who will say nice things about the place.

At least this way they get free publicity for the place and they don't have to pay a penny for a tourist information tv placement

Good marketing ploy to me.
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