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I think he doesn't always know which lift is which. He's not exactly an ice skating expert!
Like Craig Revel Horwood, and Darcey ofcourse, he uses the Ballet terms for particular Lifts and referred to the phantom lift that never was as a "pressage lift", but in Skating it's called the Platter Lift (when the man holds the lady on the hips above his head, with her in a platter position).

Tony Gubba was getting on my nerves last night! Why is he there? All that tosh about the moves with bizarre made up names. Gareth did a beautiful Star Lift - there's a name for it already in Skating, has been for decades - why not just use the proper names of moves? It's as though ITV cannot bear any aspect of the show to remind viewers it's about the Skating and not Showbiz.
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