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I thought the same, I thought his point was he commended him for still doing some kind of lift despite the wrist!! I also thought Karen was rude/unprofessional for making an issue of it on the show like that.
You've got to be kidding?! I thought she was restrained in the circumstances, so was Chris Dean when he pointed out that Luke had done 4 rotational Lifts, more than any other celeb man.

I don't always like the terminology Jason uses but he seems to be the only judge who doesn't really play favourites. He was very harsh on Beth and Luke but now he is giving them positive feedback because they are starting to deserve it. He is bound to judge differently to Karen and Robin because his remit is different.
I would've thought the N0.1 remit for any Judge is to actually watch the performance of each skating couple and concentrate, rather than let your mind go wandering off because you're so bored and think you're the star of the show, and care more about flying to Madrid the next day - ie go on auto-pilot during the live show, make a humungus blunder, and just make a brief apology on Twitter about it. He rightly looked to be cringeing inside when Karen pointed out there was no "pressage lift", and I'm glad she did. Someone had to, and neither Pip nor Bleakley did. But strangely Jason did notice that Luke licked his lips whilst skating? So is his remit to just watch their facial expressions and ignore everything technical?

Ashley is totally redundant, she has nothing of any relevance to say.
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