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Didn't watch them but I've read the results and watched some videos. The nominations for all the major categories were pretty safe and uninspiring to be honest, moreso than usual (ie. the Album of the Year nominations were horrific). Channel Orange was the only one nominated I rated, and even so I wouldn't describe it as the best album last year. Nas was (once again) cheated in the rap album and rap/sung categories with Amy Winehouse, I found all the Fun. nominations baffling, and I thought Florence should have received the Pop Vocal Album purely because, even though it wasn't a groundbreaking album, it was still better than the rest in the category.

One thing that annoys me is the Grammy's tendency of homogenising the nominations with the same 5 or 6 artists (that labels are pushing for). This year it was Fun., Frank Ocean, The Black Keys, Miguel, Kelly Clarkson and to a lesser degree Mumford & Sons and Jack White. It's as political as the Brits but much more noticeable due to the grander scale, and it's a bit of a joke when there are obvious and more deserving omissions in many of the categories because of this.
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