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It is the credibility of the judges' panel that seems so suspect.

Karen is a choreographer and involved in each performance. How can she possibly be dispassionate? Jason is a blank eyed mouther of media bites to be picked up by Daily Mail - and most of which is either total nonsense or sound bites. I honestly don't understand most of what he says.

Ashley....well - I have absolutely no idea why she is there.

That leaves the one remaining credible judge - Robin Cousins - who rarely says anything helpful or original.

Which is why I rarely pay any attention to the scores or the comments.
I would have to disagree with some of your comments.

Karen is not a choreographer on DOI (she may choreograph outside of it). She is more a Coach/trainer who gets the performances ship shape after T&D do the choreography.

Robin does always say helpful things, giving tips about technique of skating and his comment to Luke and partner about "looking like a Junior Team" and needing to start looking more Senior was very relevant, I'd say.
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