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Poor old Pete - the ambassador nobody wants:

The reference to Andre's "show on iTV" - the unimaginatively titled reality programme 'My Life' - brings me to the second complaint. Andre may have become a household name following the release of his hit single Mysterious Girl, but that was in 1995. Since then, he has been more famous for the high-profile on-off romance with his former wife, the glamour model and tabloid mainstay Katie 'Jordan' Price, than for any contributions to pop music.


So has someone changed their mind then, as Peter Andre has kept becoming Cultural Ambassador to Valletta rather quiet........

"It looks as though the Valletta Local Council - who "unanimously" approved the decision to nominate Andre - were keen to sweep the accolade under the carpet as soon as it was given. Does the fact that they seemed to be aware of the backlash such a decision would doubtlessly inspire make things better or worse?"
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