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I've been replying on two accounts, but you can't have the same names over and over again, it defeats the's a bit frustrating really, there are enough of us to flood the thing with good comments..but nobody does

It's no good emailing magazines asking for articles, as I know peope are doing, if when they put things up online nobody shows any interest
I tweeted the link on my jedpromo account hope people can leave some nice comments. I will keep reminding people when we need comments or sth

I think it's really dose take time to get Jedward. and people nowadays like to disparage others when they can't understand sth or s1.

you guys are really awesome and jedicated, I feel so happy to know j&e have fans like you. maybe some younger fans are busy with school everyday, and maybe some people haven't realized the importance of it... I think let's just keep spread the word on twitter and more people will join and help
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