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We didn't need to. She had already told us. Which I, amongst others, just accepted as part of her introduction and her explanation of the situation, and let it go.
But you didn't. You saw more into it than that.
I have been in this kind of discussion before. I comment that I am not racist, and also comment that one of my best friends in in fact black. A nicer guy you couldn't wish to meet and I would trust him with my life. No different to how I would feel or describe any of my closest friends.
But somebody always comes out of the wordwork and tells me that because I had to mention the fact that he is black makes me racist. You come across as one of those people. That, my friend, is PC.
No, I didn't see more into it.You're thinking that I saw more into it.

If the problems she were having were related to race then it would have made more sense to me. As I said, I asked for clarification/relevance as to why she'd mentioned it, she answered and I was fine with that. You and others then decided that I wanted to make it a race thing and presumed that is why I'd asked and where I wanted to take it.

Lumping me in with others that have called you racist in the past when Ive done no such thing is plain wrong.

I didn't get a point straight away that you did, so that makes me PC?
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