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He is hopelessly brain damaged and dependent on Sharon.
Of course she is still married to him, she has a great lifestyle and has given her children careers in the public eye because of their marriage and lifestyle. And increased her public profile too. I am sure she does love him, she loves her lifestyle even more. She is a vindictive, spiteful, woman, who has a small baby voice but a nasty character. Rebecca Loos did not make a career out of her affair, she made some money then she went away and built her own private life.

Loos didn't make a career out of the affair? Are you joking?

Since the affair, she has appeared in The Farm, Celebrity Love Island, X Factor:Battle of the Stars, the Spanish version of Survivor, Extreme Celebrity Detox, Dream Team, Cirque De Celebrite, many many issues of Nuts, Playboy, FHM, Zoo etc.

Maybe, since marrying a wealthy doctor, she doesn't need the money anymore. She hardly built her own private life in an honest fashion, she merely got rich by screwing a married man.
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