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... Tony Gubba was getting on my nerves last night! Why is he there? All that tosh about the moves with bizarre made up names. Gareth did a beautiful Star Lift - there's a name for it already in Skating, has been for decades - why not just use the proper names of moves? It's as though ITV cannot bear any aspect of the show to remind viewers it's about the Skating and not Showbiz.

With you there. I thought I was the only one who couldn't stand his in put.

His pretentious twaddle really does annoy me more than the Judges and their little foibles, fine.

But Gubba - so in love, so besotted with sound of his own voice that he doesn't listen to what he actually says.

A pretentious buffoon, and not even vaguely entertaining. Even Joe, for all of his faults was never pretentious.
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