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Bruno Marrs He and Sting were awful. Out of time and all over the place, how embarrassing. Rihanna was amazing though, she always nails it with Stay. The rest you mentioned were embarrassing, I agree.

Fun. were the worst by far. I was dying inside for them.

Apart from Rihanna, Kelly, Carrie & Frank Ocean (also Kanye/Jay-z N*ggas in Paris) the winners were ridiculous. Fun. never deserved to win & I'm sorry I love Adele but that award should have been Kelly's for Stronger.
Sting was indeed awful, but I don't think Bruno was bad at all and I'm far from a fan. Compared to the other performers, he did a good job. Especially compared to JT (who was simply boring) and Miguel (who started yodelling and screaming for no reason at some point). He did a decent job.

Adele only won because they wanted her to attend. As far as 'N***s in Paris' goes, it deserved to win in one of the categories, but mainly because of the beat and because of the actual "rap performance" that the category is supposed to be focused on. Nas got robbed. Once again! It's unbelievable how he has no Grammy's.
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