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MikeB's acually talking about Multicast IPTV, in reply to D@ve.
I'm talking about how FTTC works and I am absoutely correct. Can't say how I'm so confident, but I am. I would guess Mr Crowther doesn't work in the industry in any way and just likes to tell people they are wrong when actually he doesn't know.

Read the 3rd post on page 1 in this thread by someone from an ISP explaining the same:

"You will find that small exchanges which have FTTC are not actually fed from the small exchange, but a bigger exchange already. For example, our exchange (Saddleworth) serves around 10,000 properties, and can get FTTC but the actual Fibre comes from the Oldham exchange, not Saddleworth. Openreach/BTw provide a list to ISPs that indicate which exchange areas are fed from which fibre head-end."

There we go, believe me now?
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