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No matter how many post have been deleted we do have valid evidence that the new EPGs have a function for external read/write to the planners, look at the Sky+ app this has full planner management functions so the gateway is there.

Id imagine the transport of content and a "scan for additional boxes" is being tested, as for PVR on the go i wouldn't think this will come yet. Local LAN keeps sky in the good books by not allowing you to effectively broadcast your recording to other people or locations - although i would guess it should be to hard to remotely connect into your own lan when on the move and to the sky box, bandwidth may be an issue and also if you have 4 Sky+HD streaming HD to each other then there could be potential for network traffic to be hammered especially if you have fibre and are downloading at a high rate (with the hub being 100Mbps).

I think finally sky are actually improving where before it was very static , its all good.
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