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She did a few shows, she was given the chance to make enough money to set herself up for life. She is also beautiful which the reason why Sharon hated her. Rebecca Loos made Victoria Beckham looked thinner and dimmer, she had more appeal to men in general. And she was invited on the show, that Sharon was judging. It was about her singing and performance it had nothing to do with who she had slept with. At least Rebecca didn't take David away from his wife and tkids, Sharon did that with Ossie

It's Ozzy.

You mean to tell me that Loos would have been invited onto the show if she hadn't shagged Beckham?

I see you don't seem to have a problem with Loos given the chance to 'set herself up for life' after sleeping with a married man, yet you condemn Sharon for making a career out of being married to Ozzy?

No way would she have snatched him from Posh, Brand Beckham wouldn't have allowed it. She was just an easy lay - at least Sharon and Ozzy went on to have a happy marriage.
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