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It's Ozzy.

You mean to tell me that Loos would have been invited onto the show if she hadn't shagged Beckham?

I see you don't seem to have a problem with Loos given the chance to 'set herself up for life' after sleeping with a married man, yet you condemn Sharon for making a career out of being married to Ozzy?

No way would she have snatched him from Posh, Brand Beckham wouldn't have allowed it. She was just an easy lay - at least Sharon and Ozzy went on to have a happy marriage.

She was given job offers, took them and then went away.
I don't condemn Sharon for what she did with Ozzie but think she is hypocritical and vindictive too. I condemn Sharon for being a very nasty piece of work.
If Beckham had wanted to leave his marriage he would have done. He was the married one, he had an affair but because he can put a ball in the back of a net he is lionised. Rebecca was blamed because David Beckham was weak and arrogant. Rebecca was guilty of tarnishing that image of
David Beckham and brand Beckham for telling the truth, whatever the financial motivation. And she is gulity of being beautiful and sexier then Victoria.
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