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Is the Ultimate Action Edition not available at all on BluRay? I don't own the quadrilogy box-set but if I did, I'd rather have that version than the theatrical version, just in case I did want to watch it some night and didn't want to be completely disappointed. Same for the rubbish edited release Die Hard 5 is gonna get and the 'harder cut' release that will surely follow.

I have the DVD trilogy set that came with the film cell and ended up buying the R1 two disc edition of Die Hard 3 and swapping the discs over as the version that came in the DVD box set was the badly cut UK version. If a completely uncut BluRay set eventually came out of at least the first 3 (I wouldn't be bothered about 4, 5 and whenever 6 comes out) then I'd probably opt for that.
Unfortunately they didnt feel the need to release the Ultimate Action Edition on Blu Ray, even though i dislike the badly dubbed swearing it would have been nice to at least have the option. They haven't released it on Blu Ray anywhere in the world either so it's the theatrical version or nothing i'm afraid.

The Quadrilogy boxset is fairly cheap now, just buy that for the uncut first three and pretend that DH4.0 is just an extra, that's what i did.
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