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KP's recent tweet about the King/Prince non frog,

Katie Price/Jordan‏@MissKatiePrice
Amazing thing he actually goes to work and doesn't take xx

Pete worked the same job she did after they got together. Plus he carried on with the music in his studio.
Alex carried on with his Cagefighting until she told him to give it up. Then he did his own bit on Big Brother.
Leo, now we all thought he was a sponger, but she insisted he was wealthy, and that he was a model.

So why the jibes? If she wasn't happy with what they did for a living why did she marry/get engaged to them?
Cummon know the answer.
KP only indulges in publicity..........good or bad.

I find her quite ridiculous but I've got to take my hat off to her in the media-whoring stakes.
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