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well another crap decision by the distributors.. it's put me off completely.. the movie studio need their arses kicking for wanting the UK to get the watered down crap version and the US get an uncut version.. this is shades of Terminator 3 all over again.. they may as well given Bruce a paintball gun instead!!!! Enough is enough.. we need to start a website campaign against the PG-13 films coming across from Hollywood.. we want 18 rated, uncut films.. I'm absolutely sick of these mŲtherƒuckėr$.. yippee-ki-yay!
While I entirely agree with you, few 18 rated action films make any money these days. Just look at Dredd. Most of them go straight to DVD like the Segal and Van Damme B movie crap.

The truth is that Fox could release the AGDTDH uncut in the US because the R rating doesn't stop the kids from going in with mummy and daddy. In the UK, child entrance stops at 15. With the UK being a major source of box office revenue, Fox can financially tolerate uncut versions with 15 certs in countries like the Irish Republic where the gross will always be small.

If British cinema goers are being refused uncut films by the distributors, and are generally being treated like the children which Fox so seem to obsessed to cater for, then don't pay to see the film. The likes of Fox will soon learn.
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