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I would have to disagree with some of your comments.

Karen is not a choreographer on DOI (she may choreograph outside of it). She is more a Coach/trainer who gets the performances ship shape after T&D do the choreography.

Robin does always say helpful things, giving tips about technique of skating and his comment to Luke and partner about "looking like a Junior Team" and needing to start looking more Senior was very relevant, I'd say.
Positive disagreement is the life blood of a forum - and you make some good points. However, I did say that Karen is "a" choreographer - not that she choreographs these routines. But I can see your point.

But surely the fact that she is involved in training must colour her judging - if only subconsciously? If she sees a contestant sail through a difficult step or routine in rehearsal - but another sweating blood and tears before finally triumphing on the night - it must make a difference. Some of her comments bear this out (please don;'t ask me for specific quotes ) BTW - I rate Karen and think her comments are professional and helpful. Just unsure whether anyone involved in the performances at the training stage can be a truly dispassionate judge.
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