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well another crap decision by the distributors.. it's put me off completely.. the movie studio need their arses kicking for wanting the UK to get the watered down crap version and the US get an uncut version.. this is shades of Terminator 3 all over again..
At least Terminator 3 was completely uncut and the same as the R rated US version over here, it was one of the strongest 12A certificates at the time (with three uses of the F word, two of which were in quick succession, and some fairly bloody violence).

I've spoke to a few friends tonight about this, some of which were supposed to be going to see it on release day, and they're all appalled that it's been cut, all of them have said how they're not even bothered about seeing it now. Hopefully this attitude is more common than just my friends, Fox need to get the message that we wont put up with watered down shit. If i'd not already got tickets booked for Thursday morning i'd be avoiding this like the plague (you can't get refunds for pre-booked tickets from Cineworld though unfortunately, so i guess i'll have to suffer least it's an early bird screening so they're getting less of my money).
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