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Apparently on her Twitter Kevin is a keeper, she says it's amazing he goes to work and doesn't take...a dig at the exes...give it time Katie wait and see what he buys you for Valentines day...or should i say you buy and tell everyone he paid...til you get divorced then you will let us know you had to buy everything.
And to think only a few months ago she was tweeting about "cuddling up with her man Leo by the fire" .
Now it's cuddling up with Kev . Must be like sleeping with an oil slick with all that baby oil.
I wonder how much he earns for taking his clothes off ? Can't be great earnings.Yet she bangs on as if he was filming in a major role in a James Bond movie. Awe,poor freaky-freak,reduced to this.A stripping tiler. You have to laugh at her. Well,I do.
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