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Those are worse. i remember a couple of years back trying to get through to my insurance company with these voice activated menus. Like a flipping nightmare.

i know technology is better these days, but i can't see the voice activated menus being much better.

why can't these companies just give a decent customer service? it is not difficult.
Because it's standard practice across the board. The best offers are always done by sales or retentions teams; that's just the way it works. I have VM at home, the best offers are done through these teams, it doesn't mean their customer service teams are no good, it's just their not to necessarily sell but do a different job.

When a customer comes through to me, I regularly do account reviews because customers are on the wrong packages and are spending a fortune on calls. I save so many customers so much by making sure they're on the right plan for their usage and that's more important than selling to me.
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