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Yes, sadly, Ireland get the same DVD's and even the same movie cuts as the UK. The Irish version of Bridget Jones's Diary has the C word removed which was done by Universal for the UK release, but every other country got it. It's annoying how movie companies treat the territories the same instead of two separate countries with different rules and regulations regarding content and ratings.
I generally go for the US version provided it's region free, which most are theses days.

What surprises me is that US TV is heavily censored yet their DVD and BD are not. UK TV is much more relaxed, anything normally goes after the watershed, I have heard many comments from actors saying can I say &#@% on UKTV, with the interviewer saying you already have, so a more relaxed view for TV yet the UK has so many cuts on movie releases, to me it makes no sense.

The only thing I can think of is, the lower the rating the larger the perceived audience.
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