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That is football players for you. Gazza is a drunk who battered his wife, neglected and hurt his children, yet he is "our greatest ever player", so everyone has help him and feel sorry for him.

Wayne Rooney has cheated on his wife, dodged tax but he is still a hero to millions of football fans no matter what he does.

David Beckham did get reviled for getting send off during a World Cup match, but got forgiven and having an affair, going to the US to get super rich, being best buddies with Tom Cruise, letting his son model and look really creepy, that is okay. And his super thin, personality free wife is golden too.

Rebecca tarnished the image, because it couldn't have been the fault of "golden balls" , so she is subjected to Sharon Osborne's vitriol and public judgement of her.
So true. I refuse to feel sorry for Gazza, because whatever you think of Sheryl she did not deserve the batterings that he dished out to her.
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