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You really are obsessed aren't you? Apart from the fact most of your posts seem to be barely decipherable bibble babble, saying there's a thread saying the BBC has a demographic crisis doesn't mean you can start threads saying they have a crisis just because there's threads on other channels saying they have a crisis (which is what you did).

If you're going to start a thread saying they're in crisis, then make it a sensible 1, free of bibble babble, and explain why you're starting the thread but making sure it's a sensible reason, eg if you said "The BBC seem to be in crisis, alot of their shows are rating quite poorly and they're regularly being beaten comfortably in the key slots, especially on weekends, I think they need a change of strategy" and explained what your strategy would be to improve things for them, eg more religious shows, less 'talent'/celebrity shows, more nature shows, more films, etc etc etc, THEN you'd stand a chance of your thread not being locked.
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