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Hi Vatican Guys!

Iíve heard that some Benedict bloke has left ya in the lurch. My name is Pedah Andre, and Iím here to help.

Just a few things first: I wanna keep doing my ITV2 reality show, as itís important for Catholics to see their Pope being a great Dad as well as a spiritual leader [am loving the sound of the ĎHoly Fatherí title already - LOL! ].

Iíll also keep my weekly new! magazine column going, as itís a great way to reach out to those of my fans who canít read so good [even the non catholic ones].

As Pope Iíll be able to do even more to show that Iím a caring forgiving kind of bloke; top of the list will be to give my dear ex-wife, Sister Kate, a job managing a Convent somewhere really quiet where there are no men. Sheíll really appreciate the opportuniddy to repent her many sins!

Fire up the Popemobile*, Ďcos here I come [*it will only need a lick of paint, a new Ferrari engine and some kiddie seats].

Pedah x [ <- Iím getting into the roman numerals thing already, as yícan see - lol]

cc. Council Of Valetta, Malta.

Better than 2 DOTY mayonnaise lids any day.
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