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I've heard a rumour that Kev is due to release a tell all diary book early next year about his blissful married life with La Pwicceeee.. Here is an excerpt:

07.00 - After 3 rings on the alarm, I put on my leppard skin fong and i make my bewtiful wyfe a cup of tee and a bakon samwhich

08.00 - after an hour, we have a bit of hanki panki and kaytee looks in her book that tells her the name of the kidz so that she can rememba them for a photoshoot

12.00 - kaytee rubs me in castor oil and she puts on her beekeeny and we smile at the nice man with the camera who takes lots of piccies.

15.00 - kaytee logs online to look at 'poodle' that search engine thingee and there are loads of nice pics of her looking pwetty and a nice one with a fone up her foo foo

19.00 - i put on my apron and make dinner

20.00 - kaytee gets cross and says i look at laydeez and i tell her i dont i love her

21.00 - i try and read junior a bedtime story but topsy and tim is a bit hard

23.00 - no more hanki panki
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