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A quick note to those waiting on the uncut BluRay, you may never see it.

Die Hard 4 was only released on DVD in it's "ultimate action" version, you can't get it on BluRay, so who's to say that the same won't apply for Die Hard 5?
That's a bit different though since the Ultimate Action Edition was a rush job to try and satisfy the people who felt 4.0 was too tame for a Die Hard movie, it's also not been released on Blu Ray anywhere in the world, whereas the theatrical version was the same cut everywhere. The Ultimate Action Edition really is quite embarassing to watch since half of the time Bruce Willis's lips don't even move to the swear words that he's saying (although saying that, even the theatrical version has moments where charcters blatantly don't say the words that their mouths move to) , and the blood is ridiculously poor CGI. As far as Fox are concerned, the theatrical version is the true version, hence why only that version is available on Blu Ray.

I've no doubt that Fox will release the uncut version on Blu Ray in a few months, Fox also butchered Taken 2 for it's UK theatrical release, similarly being downgraded from a 15 to a 12A, but the recent Blu Ray release is now the uncut 15 rated version, marketed as the "Extended Harder Cut". Fox will blatantly do the same thing with A Good Day to Die Hard.
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