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This show has become a victim of poor, misleading marketing, which is a shame, as had Channel 4 not made it look pretentious and fluffy, it would have gotten wider exposure and even more positive responses. Hopefully based on the good reviews amongst critics and fans the powers that be recommission this programme.
I agree. I was really put off by the original advert for this and just thought it was going to be a silly teen show that laughed at fat people, basically. It was only because I saw a comment by someone on Twitter saying it was set in the 90s (something I don't think was made at all apparent in the original advert) and chancing upon a positive review on, I think, the Guardian website that I decided to give it a chance. So glad I did, but I can imagine there are a lot of people in their twenties and even thirties who would really love this if they were aware of the themes it was dealing with and how well written it is (as well as how cracking the soundtrack is! Loved the use of Radiohead last night.)

Last night was probably my favourite episode yet. I was a bit wary it was going to be a bit too similar to Skins with the drug taking and rave, but it was almost unbearably ruthless in dealing with Rae's personality flaws. The scene where she came down in the morning after releasing the birds was simply heartbreaking, and a very clever metaphor for showing that people don't always thrive when they try to be 'free'.

Also, it definitely looks like Finn has a thing for Rae - I hope there will be a happy ending for him and Rae but I don't necessarily expect this show to pander to the audience with a happy ending. I'll be very sad if the show doesn't get recommissioned.
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