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Why, hello there Mr/Ms PR agent person. Or wannabe journalist...we'll let the people decide.

To be serious, I liked Martine a lot in EastEnders and I even bought a couple of her albums. I thought she would have a promising future as an actress/singer but she seemed incapable of handling herself properly, like when she missed the majority of her performances during the run of My Fair Lady. I have a feeling she only has herself to blame for the way her career sank like it did.
It wasn't that she missed them, it's that she was caught out going to The Met Bar and The Ivy rather than going into work for evening performances when the show was relying on her high profile and likeability at the time to keep the punters making bookings to keep the production afloat. They gave her opportunity but then hoped to really on her drawing power, she decided she'd rather go for some posh nosh, a drink and a dance than go into work to do sing, dance and act for thousands of pounds a night. Unsurprisingly that kind of attitude doesn't take you very far, particularly if you are not exactly a huge talent and are getting by more on popular public perception than because you are the next Meryl Streep.
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