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Hangs head in shame when i saw who this months husband was did check out his twitter...i know i'm weak ha, anyway he did seem to slime over alot of well known women and alot of well known Gay men....and you guessed it, the two price cling ons have been pals with Kev for ages...i always think they get her to marry the lastest crush of theirs so they have a new play toy.
BIB----- nice one.I've been dying to say that, but couldn't find a way to make it come across just right without being jumped on as 'homophobic'. You did it perfectly. I totally agree,they seem to have a finger in her men pies to a large degree. Weren't they involved in the Alex intro & with her when she 'met' Leo? No wonder they disliked Peter Andre. He was the only one not prepared to put up with their interference & tried to just get by with them .
Looks to me like she is proper being mugged by those two . Keep HER in the headlines and they can share some of the spotlight,sort of thing. It astonishes me that she claims to be savvy,yet cannot see the negative impact those two have on her & her choices. She needs a couple of heterosexual girlfriends who will tell her what's what & when to stop being an eejit re himbo choices ,just cos her boysies like them.
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