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Also, am I reading right that people think Scandinavian law is harsher than ours?! Borgen even referred to the UK's criminal age as the low bar in Europe (what the far-right were seeking).

Banging on about the BBC being PC and how we should replicate the attitude being highlighted in Spiral; like the Daily Mail in here.
Off the top of my head I don't recall people saying that Scandi law is harsher than ours - can you quote the relevant post please? People mentioned that the French take a different attitude to criminals though. I can only assume you don't like the French attitude to justice, and that you prefer our own? Also who was 'banging on'? I thought a couple of people made points but I didn't think they were going on and on.

Oh and yet another person talking about the Daily Mail (not that I read it but liberals' obsession with it is annoying)! So let me see: it's okay for you to mention the Daily Mail in a derogatory sense ('cause that's the trendy/right on/bien pensant view) but not for people to say the BBC is PC (which it is to a huge extent - it wouldn't cover the issues in these European shows the way they have been covered, as was mentioned before). Care to tell us how the BBC is NOT PC in your opinion because 'duncann' in post #155 set out quite clearly how it is PC? Just because you don't mind its political correctness doesn't mean that it isn't political correctness.

Sorry but you don't get to say what can and can't be discussed on here - you're a fairly new poster anyway by the looks of it. If there's anything that shouldn't be said then the mods can deal with it.
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