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This is the bit I don't get. My understanding is that normal, non-celeb people don't have a bankruptcy order dissolved until 6 years have passed irrespective of whether you clear your debts or not. It's something that's meant to stay on your financial records for 6 years, so how is it that hers only lasts a year? Perhaps you get special rates if you're a celeb... Agree with the earlier poster who said she has most likely 'bought' houses and cars for family and close friends so that it seems as if she has no assets that can be used by HMRC as payment of her tax bill. She must not have paid tax for yonks to have a bill of 417k.
Most people are discharged after approximately a year, celeb or non-celeb. After that, I think, then people may be asked to continue paying momeny to the insolvency people. It continues to stay on your financial record for, as you say, longer than that
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