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Let us remember her Eastender's role where she died on the ice after being tapped slightly by Frank Butcher's car and before anyone says it, yes I know she banged her head.

What gets me about this is that no one even touched her after she had fallen, no one took their coat off and wrapped it round her, they all just stood staring, watching her last breath, I found it quite odd.

Sorry, thinking out loud
I've sat through all that - even though I remember it well! DOH!

Watched it all, till you get to the 'good bit' - and the acting throughout is really bad - and real overacting too!

& you are right - the dying scene is really weird. It's drawn out far too long, like an awkward silence. It's uncomfortable and nobody moves at all, they just all look around. It's like the director has said 'Right, everyone give everyone else their best shocked/stunned expression'

Should have got a stuntman from diehard to do a proper crash scene to beef (horse) it up a bit. Or maybe even Bruce Willis himself in a black wig.
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