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Hey just watched Les Mis today for the first time, just casually with some friends, hadn't read any reviews or anything, just fancied having a little trip to the cinema and we ended up choosing Les Mis.


It blew me away. It was PHENOMENAL. From not really anticipating much, i was totally astonished at the incredible beauty and depth of this film and the talent from the actors/actresses and the film makers.

I cried at the end which is new for me, cos i have never EVER cried at a film once in my entire life, but Les Mis just really struck me like i've never felt before.

WOW. The best film i've ever ever watched.

What started off as a casual trip to the cinema, has now ended with this huge love and obsession for this wonderful story and all the characters.
That's an excellent story!

I love it when things like that happen, sort of discovering something you never intended too.

It's such a brilliant film. The ending is sort of happy and joyous but sad too. I think I actually felt sad because it was ending LOVED IT!
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