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I watched that film years ago. A lot of it has stuck in mind.
Particularly the bit where she read in a music paper that she was described as chubby when she wasn't - and that was what started her off wanting to lose weight.

Her mother was a horrible, cold woman.

Karen had an absolutely beautiful voice with a wide range.

I love so many songs she sang.
'For all we know' is the one that instantly jumps to mind that shows her range. Just gorgeous
'Because we are in Love' is poignant cos I believe that was about her wedding. That's gorgeous as wel, but so many songs are cos her voice was.

She had the kind of voice, had she lived, it would probably be just as good now.
Incredible that it's 30 years since she died.
Yes, I agree with every word of that!
I have several favs, ones like I need to be in love, bless the beasts & the children & Trying to get the feeling again (the lost song) come to mind.
Unlike most modern music - you can hear every word & almost feel Karen's emotion that she put into her singing.

She died at a time in when I was having health "issues" of my own, I think what happend to Karen, might have woke me up & face up to & solve my own problems at the time.

So thank you sweet Karen for that
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