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Sorry I haven't been online recently,


My advice to you would be to tell this guy that you're not interested, you have a boyfriend etc (even tho you don't) and see if that gets him to back off. If it doesn't, either take the matter further to a manager or find a new job. I know that option is a pest but it will mean that you can work somewhere free of being pestered. No one deserves to put up with that kind of behaviour at work and you certainly don't need it.
Thank you, that was encouraging

Update: On saturday the first thing I did was tell him straight that what he was doing is not ok, he seemed to get the message and said nothing else to me the whole night. It was pretty busy so that was normal but he kept pretty quiet later on too which isn't so normal

Thanks for all of your input! I'm not sure how easy finding a new job would be given the current job circumstances and that I live in a small town with very minimal vacancies... not to mention that the restaurant I work at is already pretty short-staffed so in a sense that would make it more difficult to leave.

I will keep you posted.
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