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She had a succsesful singing career between 1999 and 2001. She released hits such as Perfect Moment, I've got You, I'm Over You, Love Me/Talking In Your Sleep and On The Radio, a cover of Donna Summer's 1980 single.

Also she's had three albums out, one of which was the soundtrack to the musical she was in, in 2003 called My Fair Lady. I believe she played the lead, Eliza Doolitle for a few weeks.

There's also been a greatest hits released last year, featuring hits, album tracks and remixes.

Plus, the Activia Ads and being in a few TV episodes of various programmes.

I was watching French and Saunders 1999 Christmas Special on Gold the other day. I saw this: It is Dawn French doing a parody of MM's Perfect Moment. So hillarious! One line that is extremely funny is, "All's I know's is, I was Tiffany!" Scroll to 53 seconds.
Love Dawn French. She's ace!
Although she was better as Catherine Spartacus Douglas Jones though!

Looking on the U Tube clips I caught French and Saunders doing a take off of Jodie Marsh and Jordan. It's brill!
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