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Off the top of my head I don't recall people saying that Scandi law is harsher than ours - .
Denmark has the toughest immigration law in Europe thanks mainly to the Danish people Party.

Originally Posted by Wiki

Political parties in Borgen

While the political parties in the series are fictional, they do have "recognisable real-life equivalents":[citation needed]
[LIST][*]The Moderates (De Moderate), Birgitte Nyborg's centrist or centre-left party, is similar to the Social Liberal Party (Radikale Venstre)[*]The Labour Party, Nyborg's coalition partner, is perhaps comparable to the Social Democrats (Socialdemokratiet)[*]The left-wing environmentalist Green Party is perhaps comparable to the Socialist People's Party[*]The far-left Solidarity Party is similar to the Red-Green Alliance[*]The centre-right Liberal Party (Venstre) has a real-world equivalent[*]New Right is similar to the right-wing Conservative People's Party.[*]The far-right Freedom Party, like the real-life Danish People's Party, is stated by party leader Svend Åge Saltum to be a successor party to Mogens Glistrup's Progress Party[/LIST]Following the 2011 parliamentary election, the Social Liberals, Socialist People's Party, and Social Democrats did form a coalition government, with parliamentary support from the Red-Green Alliance and with Helle Thorning-Schmidt becoming Denmark's first female prime minister (though, in the real-life coalition, the Social Democrats were the leading party).[6]
The age of criminal responsibility in Britain is 10 which is frowned upon by countries such as Norway. Denmark seems to be the toughest of all the Scandinavian countries law and order wise.

France is a signatory to all the same treaties as us, yet their system seems to produce very different results.

What happened in that bank was outrageous, but no one seems too bothered in Spiral, it didn't even sway the magistrate.
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