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From CDAN:

He Is Scared

Back in the day before this A list all movie actor became who he is today he was just another actor trying to move up the ladder. That he went so high so quickly is not exactly hard to figure out when you hear about his casting couch experiences with men. Wait, you haven't heard about them, but you might in the very near future. It turns out her once shared a very close, intimate relationship with one of his co-stars. She used to be A list in movies and television. She never had sex with our actor, but they became very close off-screen and he shared to her how he got the role in which they both starred and how he had got another previous role as well as his life growing up which he has never shared with anyone. Now, our actress is short of cash and has written a manuscript/historical fiction type book which barely fictionalizes those couple of months together. She envisions a book a play and maybe a movie and apparently it is really really good. Every publisher who has seen it has loved it and then immediately passed because they are scared of what kind of wrath the actor will bring down on them. A few play producers have shown more gumption than the publishers and it might move straight to a play.
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