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She's a high class fishwife
that is actually how i would describe her. of course, we are all well aware of her shortcomings as a music manager, tv personality and with some aspects of her personal life. however, people seem to forget that she is high class trash. as opposed to rebecca, who was z list fodder and her tv résumé reflected that. sharon with all her faults, attracted more lucrative tv work based on her own profile.


We've only ever heard Dannii's side haven't we? She well milked that Sharon/bullying situation too, but conveniently left out the sleeping with Simon bit in her book - she's very media savvy is Dannii
i like dannii, but she did milk that situation for all it was worth. all the while, she pretended to be completely at a loss as to why sharon would have the hump with her.

the argument about her not wanting to `pick on` a-list stars is a non starter anyway. sharon most recently had a much publicised falling out with lady gaga and you don't get many stars that are as big than her.
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