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I was going to ask about that. I remember vaguely seeing her ages ago on some show where she was promoting her new novel. I can't remember if she wrote the book or if she had the idea and someone else wrote it for her.
Ab yes, Martine's dip into the land of chick lit - sadly the first chapter is no longer on line, but oh my, what a read that was... I give you some quotes I've managed to dig up

Hmmmm, who does our heroine, Mandy, remind us of...

"hair was dark as ebony and fell in shiny waves over her shoulders; her skin was flawless, even and gleaming, her long dark lashes framing her beautiful big brown eyes perfectly. Her lower lip was fuller than the top and when she smiled she lit up the room."
And my favourite of all

If you went for it, truly went for it, you could get the life you wanted here, and that was Mandy's aim - to have it all. And why not? She'd read a greeting on a card once in Paperchase on the King's Road that had truly stuck with her: Reach for the moon, and even if you miss, you'll land among the stars."
Although, to be fair to Martine, she didn't use a ghost writer, she absolutely should have, but she didn't.

But still, she threw up over Mick Hucknell, so I forgive her
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